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Acid Drops (200g)
Wrapped crystallised lemon flavoured boiled sweet. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non Gluten C..
After Dinner Mints (200g)
Soft crumbly mint flavoured sweet that melts in your mouth. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non Glu..
Alphabet Candy (200g)
Delicious fruity hard candy letters.    DIETARY INFO    ..
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American Hard Gums (200g)
Tasty hard gummy sweets, in assorted fruity flavours.   DIETARY INFO  ..
Aniseed Balls (200g)
An old fashioned favourite - shiny hard sweets full of aniseed flavour.   DI..
Aniseed Twists (200g)
Boiled sweets with a warming aniseed flavour.   DIETARY INFO   ✓ V..
Apple Bonbons (200g)
Chewy bonbons with a tangy apple flavour!   DIETARY INFO &nbs..
Apple Millions (200g)
Chewy little balls of appleness! DIETARY INFO: Low/Non Gluten, Non Dairy Choose your weig..
Army and Navy (200g)
Aniseed, liquorice and paregoric flavoured boiled sweets designed to soothe your sore throat. ..
Assorted Toffees (200g)
An assortment of wrapped toffees and eclairs which consists of Plain Chocolate Toffees, Creamy To..
Baby Gobstoppers (200g)
The mini-version of the sweet to stop all of that chatter! DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Low/No G..
Banana & Custard (200g)
Delicious handmade sweets in a classic flavour combination.   DIETARY INFO&n..
Banana Eclairs (200g)
Wrapped banana flavoured creamy toffee with a white chocolate centre. DIETARY INFO: Vegetaria..
Barley Sugars
One of the most traditional sweets! DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Low/No Gluten, Non-Dairy Ch..
Very moorish! Tasty little chocolate flavour beans in a crispy sugar shell.   ..
Black & White Mints
Tasty layers of minty fondant and liquorice.   DIETARY INFO   ..
Blackberry & Apple
Delicious handmade boiled sweets, with a fruity Autumnal flavour.   DIETARY ..
Blackcurrant & Liquorice
A traditional combination of fruity blackcurrant, with a liquorice centre.   ..