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A wide range of delicious liquorice!

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Black & White Mints (200g)
Tasty layers of minty fondant and liquorice.   DIETARY INFO   ..
Blackcurrant & Liquorice (200g)
A traditional combination of fruity blackcurrant, with a liquorice centre.   ..
Jelly Buttons
Aniseed flavour jelly sweets - also known as spogs!   DIETARY INFO &nbs..
Liquorice Allsorts
A traditional mix of liquorice favourites.   DIETARY INFO    ..
Liquorice Comfits
Tasty tubes of liquorice in a crispy sugar shell!   DIETARY INFO  ..
Liquorice Sticks
The original hard sticks of liquorice! DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non-Dairy Choose the num..
Pontefract Cakes
Traditional Pontefract Cakes, with a strong Liquorice flavour.   DIETARY INF..
Sugar Free Liquorice
Enjoy the rich tasting favour of this soft liquorice without the worry of sugar! DIETARY INFO..
Sugar Free Liquorice Toffees
A lovely chewy liquorice sweet but without the sugar! DIETARY INFO: Sugar Free, Low/Gluten Fr..
Double Salt Liquorice
A delicious salty hard liquorice tablet! Suitable for vegetarians! Non-gluten and non-dairy! ..
Liquorice Gift Cone
A lovely liquorice mixture in a gift cone! Suitable for vegetarians. Contains gluten, soy..
RJ Chocolate Liquorice Log
RJ Chocolate Liquorice Logs are a delicious and delightful combination of Belgian chocolate and N..
RJ Natural Liquorice
RJ Liquorice is world famous, high quality, allnatural, best tasting liquorice imported from New ..
RJ Raspberry Liquorice
RJ Raspberry Liquorice is a delicious soft eating, raspberry flavoured liquorice imported from th..
Single Salt Liquorice
Single salt hard Dutch liquorice tablets - gentle first taste of the world of salted liquorice! ..
Triple Salt Liquorice
This is the full on experience of salted liquorice - definitely not for the beginner! Suitabl..
Liquorice Creams
Tasty Fruit favoured fillings wrapped in a traditional liquorice coat!   ​DIETARY IN..