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No / Low Gluten
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Koff Candy
The traditional herbal hard boiled sweet to soothe a cough or sore throat. DIETARY INFO: Vege..
Kola Cubes
Crystallised cola flavoured cube shaped sweet with a soft chewy centre. DIETARY INFO: Vegetar..
Lemon Bonbons
Tangy handmade traditional bonbons, with a toffee centre.   DIETARY INFO&nbs..
Liquorice Twists
Hard boiled liquorice sweets. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non Gluten, Non Dairy Choose your..
Menthol and Eucalytus
Traditional wrapped boiled sweet to open up your blocked nose! DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non ..
Midget Gems - Lion
The selection of liquorice and fruit flavoured hard gums. DIETARY INFO: Low/Non Gluten, C..
Milk Bottles
Milky flavoured soft sweets!   DIETARY INFO    ✓ Dairy Free&n..
Milkshake Bottles
Strawberry shake flavoured bottle shaped gums. DIETARY INFO: Non Gluten Choose your weigh..
Mint Fondants
A cool crystallised mint with a soft creamy centre. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non Gluten ..
Mint Toffees
A traditional mint toffee. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Low/Non Gluten Choose your weights f..
Nose and Throat
Traditional boiled sweet to soothe a cough or cold. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non Gluten, Non..
Orange and Lemon Slices
Hard boiled sweets flavoured and shaped like orange and lemon slices. DIETARY INFO: Vegetaria..
Peaches and Cream
A delicious boiled sweet which combines two flavours from a traditional dessert. DIETARY INFO..
Peanut Brittle
Roasted peanuts in brittle golden toffee. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Low/Non Gluten, Non Dairy..
Pear Drops
An old fashioned favourite - delicious sharp little pear drops.   DIETARY IN..
Peppermint Creams
Refreshing peppermint fondant coated in delicious dark chocolate! DIETARY INFO: Low/No Gluten..
Pineapple Cubes
Handmade fruity boiled sweets with a chewy centre.   DIETARY INFO  ..
Pineapple Rock
Traditional pineapple flavoured rock. DIETARY INFO: Vegetarian, Non Gluten, Non Dairy Cho..